Archive for the ‘Turf’ Category : “Think about it, $ 40 could get you Evan Longoria, David Price, Rays Manager Joe Maddon, plus possibly get autographs from newly signed Rays players Manny Ramirez, Dirk Hayhurst and Johnny Damon. More than worth the one time expenditure.” :”FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal will take any and all baseball questions from fans from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. Ken is the senior baseball writer from He appears weekly on MLB on FOX.”


Unfortunately, my schedule and geography is not permitting me to attend the  2011 Rays Fan Fest today.However, I have done my browsing on the web, and the best way to be there without being there can be found here. If anyone is able to go, let me know how the free new turf  looks and feels. Here are some potential Durham Bulls who will be in attendance:

12:00 J.J Furmaniak, Russ Canzler, Desmond Jennings, Chris Carter

1:00pm Leslie Anderson, Ray Olmedo, Justin Ruggiano, Chris Boothceck, Brandon Guyer, Robinson Chirnos, Chris Archer

There’s many more, check the schedule for the full list of players in attendance.

I just noticed this for the first time. The park factor numbers from 2010 indicate the Rays had the top pitcher friendly park in all of baseball. Likewise, they have the worst hitter friendly park in all of baseball.  Tropicana Field  grades in with a park factor of 0.800 for scoring runs, as opposed  to 0.996 in 2009.

Park factor indicates the difference between runs scored in a team’s home and road games. Most commonly used as a metric in the sabermetric community, it has found more general usage in recent years. It is helpful in assessing how much a specific ballpark contributes to the offensive production of a team or player.

Do you know what this means? It means the Rays hitters who only scored 351 runs at home (fourth worst in the AL) were not as bad as we thought. There is hope for the offense even besides the addition of Manny Ramirez at  DH.   Yay for the pitchers as they went from #17 pitchers park in 2009, to the top overall pitchers park.

How the  new turf changes this is beyond me, but I would think it does not impact the numbers that much.

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