Hi, I am David and I have been a fan of Rays since they became a team.  I attended high school in Tampa, and  then went on to the University of Florida. Later, as part of my bachelor party in late 1990s, a game at the Trop was part of the nights festivities.  I started blogging about the team in early 2001, and am credited as being the original blogger of the Rays.  I live near the AAA affiliate of the Rays, and have seen players from Carl Crawford to Jeremy Hellickson come through town. This blog will focus on the Rays, but with a big focus on the Durham Bulls season.

  1. Tom Kowalski says:

    What about Furmaniak at SS,2b or 3b…Heplayed pretty well at Durham last year…What does that guy have to do to get alittle respect……He’s got some MLB time

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