Quad shows Rays Longoria’s Greatness, what about 2010 AL MVP?

Posted: February 20, 2011 in AL East, American League, Evan Longoria, Hitting, Outfield, Rangers, Rays, Sabermetrics, Tigers, Wonderboy

In the book that published last year  titled Beyond Batting Average, the author Lee Panas suggests  the Quad is a happy median between traditional stats and sabermetric stats. My Roto site BaseballHappenings.com was even referenced in the book:

David Bloom suggests using OBP/SLG/TOB/TB because it combines both rate measures (OBP, SLG) and playing time statistics (TOB, TB).  However, BA/OBP/SLG is still the most common combination in the sabermetric community

The Quad takes into account both counting stats in Times on Base, and Total Bases and the rate stats in On Base Percentage, Slugging average.


  1. Miguel Cabrera 272
  2. Daric Barton 265
  3. Robinson Cano 265
  4. Billy Butler 263
  5. Nick Markakis 262
  6. Ichiro Suzuki 262
  7. Mark Teixeira 260
  8. Shin-Soo Choo 259
  9. Jose Bautista 9 258
  10. Derek Jeter 251
  11. Paul Konerko 248
  12. Evan Longoria 246


  1. Jose Bautista 351
  2. Miguel Cabrera 341
  3. Robinson Cano 334
  4. Josh Hamilton 328
  5. Adrian Beltre 326
  6. Paul Konerko 320
  7. Vernon Wells 304
  8. Carl Crawford 297
  9. Vladimir Guerrero 294
  10. Evan Longoria 291
  11. Michael Young 291
  12. Nick Swisher 289
  13. Mark Teixeira 289
  14. Delmon Young 281
  15. Billy Butler 279
  16. Nick Markakis 274


  1. Miguel Cabrera 0.420
  2. Kevin Youkilis 0.411
  3. Josh Hamilton  0.411
  4. Joe Mauer  0.402
  5. Shin-Soo Choo  0.401
  6. Jack Cust 0.395
  7. Daric Barton 0.393
  8. Paul Konerko  0.393
  9. Billy Butler 0.388
  10. David DeJesus 0.384
  11. Brett Gardner 0.383
  12. Ian Kinsler 0.382
  13. Robinson Cano  0.381
  14. Magglio Ordonez .378
  15. Jose Bautista  0.378
  16. Travis Hafner  0.374
  17. Nelson Cruz 0.374
  18. John Jaso 0.372
  19. Evan Longoria 0.372
  20. David Ortiz 0.370
  21. Nick Markakis 0.370


  1. Josh Hamilton 0.633
  2. Miguel Cabrera 0.622
  3. Jose Bautista 0.617
  4. Paul Konerko 0.584
  5. Nelson Cruz 0.576
  6. Kevin Youkilis 0.564
  7. Adrian Beltre 0.553
  8. Luke Scott 0.535
  9. Robinson Cano 0.534
  10. David Ortiz 0.529
  11. Vernon Wells 0.515
  12. Nick Swisher 0.511
  13. Evan Longoria 0.507
  14. Alex Rodriguez 0.506

As far as Evan Longoria, the fact he shows up on all these charts gives you an idea what type of player the Rays have on their hands for a long while. Sure, losing Carl Crawford is going to hurt early on, but really the player doesn’t really show up on the all inclusive offensive categories. His value comes more on the base paths and on defense. The fact that Evan Longoria did this all without much protection in the lineup makes it even more impressive. Kudos go out to John Jaso and his impressive OBP in his rookie year. We coud use that type of OBP in the leadoff position.

Using these measures, its clear the troubled 1B Miguel Cabrera was the overall best player in the American League last season. Sure, Josh Hamilton hit the top of the charts in the rate stats SLG and OBP which does not take playing time into account. Whereas, the counting stats which rewards players for playing time and excellence is where Josh Hamilton was not much of a factor.  Did the voters get it wrong with the 2011 MVP?  The numbers here sure seem to indicate that fact.

  1. Chris Wise says:

    How available is the TOB number? And can it be tracked for minor leaguers?

  2. davidbloom says:

    The formula for Times on Base (TOB) is

    (H + BB + HBP)

    The formula for Total Bases (TB) is

    (Total hits – 2b -3b – HR) + (2b x 2) + (3b x 3) + (HR x 4)

  3. leannegra says:

    This is a touchy subject in the TBay area. But Evan had some clouds hanging over his head for part of this past Season. He began great; the clouds threatened to roll in. He dropped off for awhile. The clouds rolled out and he picked back up.

    2010 felt like a very Un-Evan Season for Evan. I think that he’ll have a Monster Year in 2011 and his name will be in the MVP discussions.

  4. davidbloom says:

    Longo will have some protection in lineup this year. I still see the Trop as a tough place to hit as it favors the pitchers. I guess the Longoria doubters are long gone now, and we have one of the great players (on and off the field) in the game today locked up for a long while.

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