Spring roster includes Leslie Anderson (again)

Posted: February 12, 2011 in Rays, Spring Training

I really thought one of these guys would go claimed. But, Leslie Anderson and Justin Ruggiano punched their tickets to AAA when they went unclaimed.

The Spring training roster will look a tad different this year. Where did I read that the 40 man roster is 45% different than when the season ended.

The Rays Spring Training roster as we know today:

C 28 J. Jaso 1o K. Shoppach 38 R. Chirnos 31 J. Lobaton 41 N. Ashley 65 C. Albernaz 60 S. Vogt
1B 29 D. Johnson 23 Kotchman L. Anderson 61 R. Cranzler
2B 1 S. Rodriguez 9 E. Johnson 67 D. Mayora

SS 15 R. Brignac 45 F. Lopez 16 R. Olmedo 64 T. Beckham
3B 3 E. Longoria 26 J.J. Furmaniak

LF 22 J. Damon 8 D. Jennings

CF 2 B.J. Upton 27 S. Fuld 30 B. Guyer

RF 18 B. Zobrist 66 C. Carter J. Ruggiano

DH 24 M. Ramirez 20 M. Joyce

SP 14 D. Price  

A. Leary 76 R. Orta
SP 33 J. Shields
C. Figueora 75 J. Bayliss
SP 34 J. Niemann
72 R. De los Santos 71 B. Baker
SP 40 W. Davis
53 A. Cobb

SP 58 J. Hellickson
49 D. De La Rosa

RP 43 K. Farnsworth 54 M. Eckstrom 56 A. Torres

RP 36 A. Russell 47 B. Gomes 44 M. Bush

RP 62 J. Peralta 59 C. Cabral
50 A. Suarez 

RP 69 R. Delaney 35 C. Archer R.J. Swindle

RP 21 A. Sonnanstine 73 D. Hayhurst 55 C. Ramos

RP 57 J. McGee 37 J. Cruz

DL 39 J.P. Howell 74 C. Wade


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