Sternberg not on the official list of who will buy Mets…

Posted: February 11, 2011 in Mets, Rays, Tape Measure Blasts

Despite the fact that the Business Insider says it could happen, Stuart Sternberg still remains absent from the list:

The growing list of names of people who might possibly buy the Mets–or were ever linked to buying the Mets…

Mark Cuban (source)
Martin Luther King III (source)
Michael Bloomberg (source)
The Dolans (source)
Ed Kranepool (source)
Peter Kalikow (source)
Mikhail Prokhorov (source)
Mike Repole (source)
Donn Clendenon Jr. (source)
Martin Silver (source)
Steve Cohen (source)
Mark Lasry (source)
Jerry Seinfeld (source)

Its as easy as:

Stuart Sternberg source .

After a career on Wall Street, it is widely known that the Tampa Bay Rays majority owner Stuart Sternberg holds seasons tickets to the Mets games.  He lives in the New York area.    The last time I checked the Mets are not up for sale, and the Wilpon family is only looking for a minority owner.   Is is possible if things escalated out of control where the Wilpons were forced to sell the team, Sternberg does fill the lineup card as a legitimate candidate.

Overall, this idea of Sternberg being a candidate to own the Mets has been widely criticized. But, its definitely something that did cross my mind with the trouble that Sternberg has experienced in the state of Florida with getting a new stadium deal. But, there are five better markets than the city of Tampa where Sternberg could move the team. Right?  But, Sternberg told us he was committed to the Tampa area. I believed him when he said this.   In reality, if Sternberg does not get a deal to his liking for an new stadium deal, he will sell within 2 years.


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