Baseball industry notes

Posted: February 1, 2011 in bloggers

R.J Anderson has moved on to greener pastures by  landing a gig at Baseball Prospectus.  Before he became a superstar, R.J. once told me about his aspirations of doing something big someday. At the time he was simply trying to get an internship opportunity at BP.  With today’s announcement, this certainly is a big day for him and I congratulate him for the achievement. He was gracious enough to mention me in his farewell from DRAYS BAY about a year ago.

Blez from SBN is reporting that a little birdie told him that Rob Neyer will be making an announcement on Tuesday of where he will be writing for now on. Neyer, who left ESPN today after first debuting with his Chin Muzak column at the worldwide leader of sports online division during the early days of the internet .

I recommended the latest Jonah Keri podcast with an entertaining interview with Sports Illustrated’s Alex Belth who started blogging just about the same time I did on baseball.  At the time I remember Aaron Gleeman mentioning the . The interview begins with his early days in the movies industry and later on how he got started with blogging on baseball.


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