Farnsy a Ray

Posted: January 13, 2011 in Free Agent, Rays

If you want to catch the realtime buzz, there is no better place to catch it than on twitter. Yesterday, right about lunchtime, twitter had Kyle Farnsworth to the Tampa Bay Rays.  Of course, it was geat seeing John Heyman, giving credit to the blogging community. As later in the day, several news outlets credited Buster Olney with the scoop.   The Rays had been targeting a few relievers such as Brian Funetes, John Rauch, and even Grant Balfour.

When I think back of key areas that have been part of the success the past few seasons with the Rays, the stellar bullpen has certainly been a key.  With the Rays losing their closer, and many of their bullpen arms, this was a major area of concern. The Rays are slowly pieceing a bullpen back into order. By adding Farnsy, this definately will be an important cog in the Rays 2011 pen. Kyle Farnsworth pitched over 60 innings in 2010 between the Sox and the Braves with a 1.14WHIP 3.34ERA . What I liked about his number in 2010 was a .202 BA vsRHP.

Farnsworth has spent a majority of his career as a Chicago Cub, so the ex-Cub factor is there. Despite his great stuff, Farnsworth has never spent a full season as closer, but could definately fill the role. He comes on the cheap only getting over 3million plus incentives. This is a good move for the Rays, and I look forward to his tough guy makeup being a good fit for the young clubhouse.

  1. SeanDubbs says:

    If we resign Balfour I’ll pay $20 to watch those two have an MMA exhibition.

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